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George St Pierre wants to be MMA Pokemon Master, promises to “Catch ’em all”

It’s interesting to note that when BJ Penn talks about winning titles across multiple weight classes, I call him an egotistical douche who needs to actually win and hold ONE title before pimping his pineapple about another. On the other hand, when GSP does the same thing, I’m all starry eyed and generally aroused by his statements.

“He wants to leave a legacy,” Spenser said. “He wants to be the most dominant fighter the UFC and MMA has ever seen, and he intends to accomplish that by dominating the 170-pound weight class, moving up to the 185 weight class and then eventually the light heavyweight class.”

That’s Shari Spenser, GSP’s agent and the dumpy old chick that was in the ring with him after his last win over Matt Hughes. Now lets forget for a moment that Georges doesn’t hold the real welterweight belt at the moment. And lets forget that he managed to lose his belt during his first title defense against a guy who barely had any business being in the UFC, let alone in a title fight. If you’re letting Serra’s win over GSP cloud the reality of his skill level, rewatch TUF4 and see his terrible wins over Shonie Carter and Chris Lytle. I myself fell under the “Well he beat GSP so he must be kinda good” spell for a while, but I’m over it now.

So now that we’re ignoring all the facts that get in the way of our pretty fantasy world, I think it’s awesome that GSP is planning on routing three UFC divisions. Mainly because it improves the chances that we’re going to see GSP vs Anderson Silva in a few years. And at the moment, those two are my pound for pound best fighters in the world. There’s only one condition that I have for GSP: that he cleans out his division before moving up, and he leaves his belt behind. That means taking out Karo Parisyan, Jon Fitch, Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves, and anyone else that comes out of the woodwork as a real contender. And I’m all for legacy and shit, but not at the expense of someone hoarding all the titles. A belt is just something that holds your pants up (or occasionally declares your allegiance to country bands). If you move up undefeated, it’s like you’re the champion in absentia anyways.

So sign me up for this shit, I’m down like brown. Just don’t fuck things up like you did last time Georges. You’ll find the Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    Does anybody know GSP’s natural weight? What does he cut from to make 170?

  • zex says:

    in an interview before the serra fight he said he walks around at 185

  • Pontus says:

    Actually its closer to 195 I read.
    185 is his fighting weight.

  • GSP already beat Karo Parisyan. His first fight in the UFC was against Karo.

    I totally disagree with you on Matt Serra belonging in the UFC. He had at least four or five UFC fights before getting on TUF. Further, Shonie Carter and Chris Lytle are not slouches. Hughes had a difficult time with “lights out” Lytle.

    Yeah, it may have been a lucky punch. Or maybe it was a solid punch from a guy who fazed by GSP’s mystique….

  • who wasn’t fazed by GSP’s mystique…

  • Lifer says:

    im fazed by ryan’s sexy man-crush on fellow frenchie GSP.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Saying that it was a lucky punch for Serra would be discounting THE ENTIRE FIGHT. He dominated him through-out that short-ass encounter, blocking kicks, sneaking in jabs, and generally frustrating and taking apart GSP.

    GSP has all the physical talents to be a great fighter, but honestly I’m getting sick of his pansy-ass attitude. “My head wasn’t in the fight when I lost to [insert fight where he got his ass handed to him here].” Dude, toughen up.

    He’s not still living with his mom like he was last year, is he?

  • His mom is living with him. Small difference, but it matters. Just ask Jake

  • And yall can say what you want about Serra, I’m off his cawk … I went back and watched a bunch of his older fights and I was not impressed at all.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Dude, when they did the interview back before he beat Hughes the first time, he was in some shitty little kitchen and they specifically said, “He still lives with his parents.”

    You can argue with me, but don’t you dare to pull that shit with Rachelle Leah. She’s the Walter Cronkite of bikini models.

  • i’d hope she gives better head than walter cronkite.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I can confirm that she does. Walter was too sloppy. A little too much teeth as well. I’d give him a solid B-.

  • fightfan says:

    It is true about the Serra win over GSP being a fluke. Just go over to and look over Serra fights. Other than the GSP fight, 8 out of 9 of his UFC fights went ALL 3 ROUNDS to a decision. While the ONLY win in the 1st round was in 2002 against someone who calls himself or herself Kelly Dulante.

    Then the absolute snoorefests in TUF the Comeback. How can anyone say that Serra isnt anything more than an average fighter??

  • MMAStation says:

    I am with Ryan here on the man crush of GSP. The dude has the skills to wipe out that whole division.

    Now against anderson silva or any other elite middleweight i dont see him pulling it off. Lets look at the skills here: Striking edge: Silva Wrestling: GSP BJJ: Silva , Strength (not a skill) : Silva . In a case when more or less all things are equal skill wise the bigger man will win 9/10 times. Event franklin (who cuts from 205-210 said Silva was way stronger than he thought.

  • Xavier says:

    It’s wrong to say Serra doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC, it’s not like he’s a natural welterweight. The guy is a fuckin’ lightweight winning at welterweight. He belongs in the UFC, he’s a natural for it… at lightweight.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Are you people watching the same tape I am? Because Serra hammered the shit out of GSP. He certainly doesn’t have the pedigree, but he has GSP’s number, that’s for sure. He’s proven that he has the striking edge, and he certainly has the better BJJ background. I’m no Serra fan (WAR GSP!) but that was anything but a fluke. GSP got knocked the fuck out.

  • Asa says:

    Yeah, he hammered the shit out of him right after he punched him in the medulla oblon-fucking-gata.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Serra KO’ed GSP because GSP slipped on the mat and dropped his guard. Xavier’s right though, Serra would make an awesome lightweight. His standup is suspect because he has little oompa-loompa arms, but on the ground he’s a very good submission wrestler. I’d love to see if he could choke some of the steroids out of Sean Sherk. 7 of Serra’s 10 UFC fights have gone to decision, which should be telling him something’s not right at 170.

  • Audacity says:

    Let’s set the record straight. Serra won. We could also say the Serra won by TKO. But, more to the point we could say that Serra won by TKO over an emotionally crippled GSP. The point of a fight it to prove who is the better fighter on that particular night (don’t give me the “9/10 times” bullshit) and Serra was the better man. The generally better fighter doesn’t always win on the given night (see Griffin vs. Rua) due to external factors. It wasn’t really the slip that sent GSP over the wall. I’ve seen GSP off-balance before. In fact, I’ve seen GSP off-balance in a single-leg takedown, and then hopping on one foot and doing a kick-flip into a sprawl. It may have been the crippling depression from all the shit that happened to him that made Serra the better man that night.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    The thing about MMA that everybody loves is that it encompasses all aspects of fighting (except the particularly cripple-tastic ones). It’s about fighting in its entirety. The whole thing about BJ losing to Matt Hughes because his rib was broken is stupid: Matt won because he broke BJ’s rib. That’s perfectly valid. So saying that GSP only lost because he was psychologically a pussy is a cop-out. It’s not like it excuses the loss. This is about more than physical strength and its more than technique. It’s also about sucking it up, pressing on, and doing what you have to do.

    And I don’t want to get all serious and shit, but I’m a single dad with two kids because my wife died back in November. I could have curled up in a ball and cried all the time and given up on everything, but I had a family to keep together. There were things in my life more important than my particular feelings at any given moment. My kids are the most important thing in the world to me, and I will do anything I have to do for them. And in exactly the same way, either being the mother-fucking welterweight champ is the most important thing in the world to you or it isn’t. Maybe that’s screwed up, but that’s what makes champions.

    People get in the cage and fight with all kinds of shit going on. Hell, are you people reading this site? Fighters all seem to have horribly shitty lives. (Except BJ – that rich bastard.) Part of being a fighter is getting over that shit and kicking some ass. Doing what needs to be done when you feel like you’re at your absolute worst.

    So let’s stop making excuses. A win is a win. Except for Bisping-Hammil. That was a robbery. (There may have been 1 deaf guy in the ring, but there were at least 2 blind people judging.)

  • Yeah, McFedries is fighting in a week or two, and his mom just died. Some people are able to shut that stuff out, some aren’t. It’s all part of the game of life, and either you overcome and ‘win’ or you don’t.

    Sorry for your loss man, I read about it on your blog last month.

  • Serra_NutHuggers_Suck_Serras_Nuts says:

    Anyone who thinks Serra dominated is dumb as fuck. GSP is gonna rip him to bits. I hope that all of you who actually like Serra read this and get upset then cry THEEEEEN go back to sucking his nuts twice as hard. He is a one punch wonder who has fought nothing but chumps (LYTLE INCLUDED). He is A ONE PUNCH WONDER that got lucky, and has now outlived his 5 minutes of fame. If he crosses paths with Fitch, Karo (again), Davis, Swick, Burkman, GSP, OR Hughes. He is done. Please be frustrated by this Serra NutHuggers.

  • Serra_NutHuggers_Suck_Serras_Nuts says:

    NOT TO MENTION —–> I am better then all of you! (unless you hate Serra, then who knows)