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Geico Caveman vs Mr. Choke for UFC 79

The last time Tony DeSouza showed his cro-magnon face in the Octagon, he got beaten back to the stone age by the lean mean diuretic machine known as Thiago Alves. That was a hella long time ago, and I was starting to worry that we’d seen the last of our bearded compadre. Fortunately it seems he was just waiting for the UFC to match him against someone with less brutal striking. Now Tony will be fighting against Roan Carneiro, who we like to call Mr Choke.

Mr Choke was Jon Fitch’s victim number 13 as part of the awesome UFN10 card … he put up a good game until Jon Fitch’s corner noticed a weakness for defending combos and sent Fitch in for the kill. That was probably the best example of effective cornering I’ve ever seen, but we’ll talk about that some other day. For now all I’ll say is Roan is a game competitor and a fight between him and DeSouza is gonna be an awesome ground clinic.

  • nois29 says:

    was that a deliberate misspelling of Geico?

  • Nah, I’m a dummy and can’t spell

  • Alexander says:

    hay men! How do you think who will the winner?

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Either Alexander doesn’t speak english as a first language or he is more drunk than I am.

  • Alexander says:

    You are right. i’m from Russia and i know it not very good,but I learn english in university. Were are you from? and people who here(usually)?

  • Jonathan says:

    For some reason, I have always like Tony DeSouza..even though I do not know much about the guy. And to answer your question Alexander, I am from Edmond, OK, where I attend the University of Central Oklahoma ( I am also President of the International Student Council, and we have over 1200 international students from 94 different countries, including Russia. If you would like to look into maybe coming here to study, please visit and you will be able to chat or speak with one our excellent international advisors.

  • garth says:

    Jonathan, that was a slick pitch. In the interest of international relations, I’d like to point out that University of Central Oklahoma is a fine academic institution, as well as spelling out something like “You cock!” if you look at it right.

    Just trying to help!

  • kentyman says:

    Also, Alexander, do you have any hookups with those Russian bride shops? Maybe half off shipping?

    I’m in Texas. No slick pitches here.

  • Alex : about 75% of our traffic comes from North America, another 10% from the Nordic areas (fucking dirty swedes … I’d ban them if i could), and then the rest from all over.

    As for who will win, I really don’t know. Roan’s got sick ground game and so does deSouza. If Roan has striking then I think he’ll beat Tony … Roan has already beat Rich Clementi who’s a tough SOB (no matter how much I hate him I’ll give him that), so I give the edge to Roan. But I’m about as far from an expert on predicting fights as can be.

  • cyphron says:

    “hella long time ago”

    You sure you’re Canandian? California for the win!

  • Alexander says:

    Jonathan it’s very intersting(about University of Central Oklahoma).thanks.
    I know what more Universites of US including a lot of students from korea,china and russia. In spring the girl who learn in school of Arconzas(sorry I don’t know how is right writing this city) has arrived in my university(Tomsk Polytechnical university). We often changing students on something period(often 1year).
    How I can to find you?

    kentyman I don’t understand what you mean about under the phrase.
    If i right undesten you then I try to answer. I’m not connect with this branch. (I haven’t work there)

    fightlinker -you are the first who give ansver on theme which I ask. :)

    Всем спасибо =)

  • kentyman says:

    Alexander, thanks anyway about the job inquiry. :)

    About the fight, I don’t remember enough about Mr. Choke to guess who’d win.

    Keep hanging around and posting, it’ll be good English practice.

  • Alexander says:

    In general I don’t know this fighters) I want to listening your opinion.OK kenty. thanks.