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Gegard Mousasi to face Mike Kyle at final Strikeforce show, the world eagerly sits on the edge of its seat

Adding to the “stacked” card that will be the merciful death of Strikeforce on January 13th is a bout that has been three attempts in the making: Gegard Mousasi vs Mike Kyle. I know, I know, it’s a meaningless fight, why try so hard to put it together? Well, it’s vintage Strikeforce. As the premier number two MMA promotion over the past few years, the company has taken great pride in their wide array of squash matches and pointless, yet entertaining fights. And this one falls into the latter category, with authority. Sure, Mousasi is the better fighter and should be able to dictate the terms, but that’s what we said when Kyle fought Feijao. It’s a nice addition to Strikeforce’s closing event.