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Gay guy wins Strikeforce lightweight belt

Wow, this is a surprise: Josh Thomson (who is totally gay) beat Gilbert Melendez last night for the Strikeforce lightweight title. And he didn’t just squeeze out a win or catch Melendez … he fucking dominated him 50-45 on the scorecards:

The battle between two fighters who once spent 18 months as training partners saw Thomson dominate every aspect of the game. Thomson used better footwork to land more strikes and exploded for several takedowns late in rounds, and most effective were his kicks, which kept Melendez out of good takedown range. Melendez, who came into the fight ranked in the top five in the world in many lightweight polls, fell to 14-2. It was the first time in his career when he wasn’t either dominant or at least fought evenly with an opponent.

Despite the fact that we all knew Josh was good, very few people were picking him to win the fight. Melendez was coming in sounding laid back and ready while Thomson was bitching about ring rust, nagging injuries, and magic ‘fuck up your training’ fairies. No word yet on if Thomson was playing possum, but there was one big difference between this Josh and the Josh from the past:

“I trained my ass off for this fight. It was like B.J. Penn. I woke up one day and decided to dedicate myself to the sport. I spent all last year in the bar and had nothing to show for it but a bar tab. I haven’t had a drink since January.”

Pfft. What a quitter.

  • Like the shirt but think it should be Frank Slamcock.

  • koolpaw says:

    yeppo he may be the first openly gay MMA fighter, but fight was
    NOT GAY at all.

    used kick effectivly to keep the distance, never gave the pace to Melendez. perfect game. i was thinking like ” oh wait, its his first fight after the surgery!!! hes damn good !!!” around 4 th round

    Super PUNK !!

  • Steve says:

    I still can’t believe CSAC suspended him for wearing that shirt.

  • Aryan says:

    I wouldnt wanna go to the ground with a fruit cake. Fruits are bad for the sport

  • Fatal Error says:

    I had a feeling he was playing possum, and at +350 it was well worth my 5 bucks. If only Elaina Maxwell hadn’t tanked and cost me 40….

  • jaydog says:

    Gilbert didn’t look like himself, rarely going all out.
    Thompson was relaxed and fought conservatively, keeping his distance.
    I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’. The two are friends. Smells fishy to me. Maybe the performance was a performance. ‘Splains all of Josh’s smiling while fighting. Gilbert well head to the UFC now and the buddies will have completely swapped spots.

  • Did Keith Jardine wake up yet? says:

    Guida beat-down Josh Thomson; Guida don’t lose to gays.

  • ^ Except Roger Huerta

  • DannyP72 says:

    I’d swear Melendez had better striking than he showed in the fight. Maybe he’s been hanging out with Nick Diaz for too long.

    Thomson was great though.

  • Geoffr0y says:

    I love all these homophobes shit talking gay fighters. Who gives a shit really? I’d love to see any of them spout that garbage to Josh Thompson’s face. The guy just beat down Melendez. Respect. That should say it all right there, no?

    Clint, Is TardHard real?? I mean it’s funny as hell and looks awesome, but is it a real energy drink? Cause I fucking want some! I don’t even drink energy drinks I just want a few cans of it behind my bar.

  • Yeah they are real, sold by an MMA related company.