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Gay fighters welcome, says Dana

I have no idea why the UFC decided to release Dana’s 5/23 video blog as a 40 minute saga. I dig the access, but how about a bit more editing to get shit down to a more manageable 10 minutes? Here’s a general rule of thumb about Youtube videos: they’re all twice as long as they should be. People have lives, and even if they don’t they still have pseudo-lives.

Anyways, one of the noteworthy portions of the videos includes Dana White telling Edge Magazine that everyone would be A-OK with a gay fighter. Ben Fowlkes at CagePotato disagrees:

These are the people who can’t get married in most of the U.S., can’t join the military without keeping part of their identity a closely-guarded secret, and White is telling them that the UFC and its fans would accept them with a good-natured slap on the ass.

Look around at pro football, baseball, basketball, and boxing.  Then tell me where the openly gay athletes are.  There are undoubtedly gay men in all those sports, and probably at this very moment in the UFC as well, but they know the sporting world isn’t ready to accept them yet.

If you want to see how being gay can affect someone’s career, just take a look at Josh Thomson, who considered suing Frank Shamrock for ‘outing’ him during a Strikeforce at the Mansion event last year. Why? Because shit like that affects your ability to get sponsors, training partners, and fights. Sad, but true.

I have no doubt that Dana and the Zuffa crew would be more than happy to welcome a gay fighter into the organization. And let’s face it: with how many hundred fighters on the roster over the years, I guarantee you the UFC has had it’s fair share of guys who secretly love cock. But considering the war against butt fucking and scissoring many religions are waging right now in the states, it would be interesting indeed to see what happens if Dana has the stones to enter an openly gay fighter on TUF. Who knows … maybe it’d be just like that blockbuster sports movie where the gay guy faces adversity but then wins and earns the respect of his team mates. Oh wait. That movie doesn’t exist. There was that one recently where the gay guy gets shot though. Hmm, maybe this idea isn’t so hot.

(This post wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to Shad Smith, the first openly gay MMA fighter)