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Gay bashing incident is now all about the UFC

That gay bashing story following UFC 115 in Vancouver is not going away, and the anti-MMA angle coming out of it is getting louder and louder:

David Holtzman and his partner Peter Reiger were beaten up on the night of June 12 while they were returning to their Keefer Street home—a block away from GM Place, where the city’s first UFC event took place that evening.

Turning to face Robertson at a press conference held in the West End, Holtzman declared, “Mr. Mayor my challenge to you is you [have] got a two-year trial of UFC fighting. I know you were there. I know from Facebook.”

Holtzman added that the mayor said that he liked the event. Then the gay man mentioned that he wanted the mayor to consider the safety of the neighbourhood.

“I live near [the] Woodward’s building, that’s SFU downtown,” Holtzman said. He noted that this is in the downtown core, and that he often goes to Davie Street.

“I want the Vancouver model of density to work really well,” he emphasized. “But in order to make that work well, it also means that there needs to be concrete plans around events like this. And those plans might include saying, ‘You know what folks? We might be poor, we might need more tax money. But we don’t need that.’”

Holtzman wasted no time in drawing a connection between the incident and UFC 115.

Early on in his opening statement, Holtzman also said, “A lot of this…is about my partner Peter and I getting savagely beaten and attacked, and I know that the police have been given evidence saying that the primary suspect has links to UFC.”

Answering questions from reporters after the press conference, Robertson said that at the moment, no one knows whether there was a connection between the holding of the MMA event and the attack on Holtzman and Reiger.

“The first step is we have the investigation completed and we understand whether there is any linkages to the events that night,” Robertson said. “That is a two-year trial for UFC, and we want to see how it goes, what positive and negative impacts it may have for the city.”

As you can see from the pictures of the assholes who beat up those guys, they’re wearing the official uniform of the MMA meathead. Not exactly a positive sign.