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Gatorade commercial fail

Everyone got all excited when we first heard that Georges St Pierre was going to be featured in a Gatorade commercial. Then we learned that the advertising campaign is only for Canada. Okay, still pretty sweet. Gatorade is owned by Pepsi so it’s still a big deal, right? Then we saw some behind the scenes stuff on the filming, which seemed pretty fucking cheap. Like community television cheap.

Now we have the above video, and I’m hoping this isn’t the finished product because it’s FUCKING TERRIBLE. Was that really the best shot they could get of Georges stuttering over everything? And what the fuck is up with this “G moment” shit? Anyone who has spent a bit of time in the club scene knows that G moments usually end poorly.

Considering ” target=”_blank”> how awesome some of Gatorade’s past campaigns have been, am I right to be disappointed that this commercial is a gigantic steaming turd?