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Gary Shaw better get his cut

I always thought Gary Shaw looked like a cheap 80’s mobster in his retarded tracksuits and big fat rings on his big fat fingers. And while of course I’m sure everything he says below is pure business, it certainly does sound like a sketchy mob thing where Shaw hasn’t gotten his ‘cut’ from Gina Carano’s American Gladiator deal:

Sam Caplan: Gina Carano is going to appear in the upcoming revival of American Gladiators on NBC under the name “Crush.” Did she consult with EliteXC before signing on to do the show?

Gary Shaw: Well, that’s a legal question. I don’t want to discuss that specific question. But if we can work out everything then I think it could be great for Gina. I’m a big, big fan of hers; a big fan of her family’s. I think it would help in her career both on television and in mixed martial arts. I know she wants to get back into the cage, she’s told me that on several occasions. It will just give her a lot more visibility (and) I hope we can work out everything in front of us.

Sam Caplan: What things need to be worked out?

Gary Shaw: I never discuss legal issues or money issues in the press.

Jeez, it doesn’t sound like there’s issues at all. Not! It’s also interesting to note that Gina Carano didn’t appear in the American Gladiators commercial that’s been playing over the past few weeks. Could it be that there’s some contractual issues that are going to keep her from appearing?

(oh, how could i almost forget AGAIN: this photo is by the very excellent All Elbows, who you should most definitely check out, and if you’re like a magazine or some shit, pay her for some stuff)

  • pauli says:

    i thought that said “gary shaw gets a better haircut.”

  • Who is that guy behind him in the matching jacket. I know he holds a management position but do they have to wear the same attire?

  • Dru Down says:


    LOL- it’s his son, $kala (what’s that kid’s real name again?) The fact that Shaw always has his son/protoge next to him in matchin attire really drives home the mob-boss image.

    I believe his “managment position” involves ruthlessly nuthugging fighters on the EliteXC shows, and sexually harrassing the ring girls.

  • CagePotato says:

    “I’m a big fan of her family’s…it would be a *shame* if something unfortunate was to happen to them.”

  • Accomando says:

    Gary Shaw is a fuckin’ tool.

    Only a complete jag-off could have produced and reared something like $kala.

  • Jonathan says:

    I wish I were as cool as Gary Shaw!

  • MacDaddy says:

    I wonder if the whole Shaw family goes shopping at Wal-mart in their matching Russian mobster track suits? Also, why do hideously obese fucktards like Gary always insist on wearing clothing designed for sports? The world would be a way better place if the just stopped fucking manufacturing XXL tracksuits, and forced those pork barrels into smocks and mu-mus where they belong.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Also, what are the odds that Gina’s contract has a clause that forces her to date $kala? Or maybe she just has to dress up as Princess Leia from Empire Strikes Back and spend Wednesday afternoons chained to Gary’s barcalounger….

  • haha … nice. I’d definately put that clause in