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Gary Goodridge quits fight over corrupt ref

A funny thing happened in Hungary yesterday. No, Shonie Carter didn’t surface there after a crazy coke and hooker bender. Gary Goodridge was fighting at some small show and ended up quitting the fight during the second round because the ref was crooked. Here’s what happened in Gary’s words:

Tatar held onto the ropes 20 times up to his arm pits. John Gnap told me it looked like a professional wrestling match.

I got behind my opponent and grabbed his legs to pull him off the ropes-the referee then stopped the match again and gave Tatar no penalty points. Once the match was started again, I took my opponent down to the mat. I was in control on top, and was looking for an arm bar. Just then, the referee stopped the fight again and made us stand.

After a 2 minute break it was round 2, and we both exchanged punches. My opponent pushed me into ropes, and I snuck out many times and gave him some knees. He was grabbing onto the ropes again to escape from my attack. John Gnap later told me that he had slapped Tatar’s hands about 10 times for holding the ropes, but it took a long while before the referee stopped the match again. At this point, I was pretty ticked off.

The referee wanted to start us again by the end of round 2, but I walked out of the ring, went to the change room, took a shower, and left the venue to go back to the hotel-this is the first time I have walked out of the ring in my 14 years of fighting-

An MMA referee has quite a bit of power in a fight. He can restart shit that goes to the ground, remove points for borderline offenses, and generally make it near impossible for a fighter to win a fight. Fortunately shit like this doesn’t seem to happen all that often … probably because when it does, it can result in situations like this where Gilbert Yvel knocked the fuck out of the ref who was trying to manipulate his match. That ref, by the way, turned out to be the coach of the guy Yvel was fighting.