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Gareb Shamus gots to get paid, son!

Zach Arnold from FightOpinion sloshed through the IFL’s latest 8k forms and uncovered an interesting nugget of information (do I say ‘nuggets’ too much?):

The IFL filed a form 8k on Tuesday with the SEC, announcing the terms of their consulting agreement with Gareb Shamus. Shamus is being eased out of the IFL, but not without a sweet payday.

Retroactive to 11/20/2007 and ending on 5/20/2008, Shamus will be paid $20,833 USD per month for the next six months (or a sum amount of $125,000 USD).

If you weren’t aware, Gareb Shamus was the former IFL owner who has jumped ship, either because he didn’t like the direction Jay Larkin wanted to take the company or just because he had a shocking revelation that the IFL was a big dook and it was time to flush that shit.

Either way, 120k isn’t too shabby in the way of compensation from a flagging company that lost over 4 million bucks last quarter. Especially if Shamus didn’t spend any of his own money on the project, or paid himself back with stock money while he was boss.

  • Big D D says:

    Shamus bent the IFL over like Dana does to the fans! Strong work!

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    It’s so weird to read about Gareb after reading his editor’s letter in Wizard mag for over a decade.

  • Cyrus says:

    Jesus man, you guys really don’t get business do you? 120K is fucking horse shit in the business world. Go google for ‘golden parachutes’ or the ‘golden parachute club’. An Ex-CEO of Pfizer got close to 200M in his parachute. That’s about 2000 times more than ol’ Gareb. 120K barely buys you a sporty car these days, dude. You guys really need some cash.

  • Hey, i made the comparison: compared to the money the IFL uses, it’s a decent amount!

  • Cyrus says:

    Fightlinker. You know I’m just messing, I’m a fightlinker whore to the core. But seriously, if you want to expose the sadness of what stuff like UFC is doing to the MMA community, you should start pulling the veils off what the tens of execs and hundreds of employees in these organizationss are making. Every person making 100K or over is making far above what most fighters could expect to pull, and that’s not a big baller salary. Talent does chase money. That’s why boxing managed in the past to find those great fighters that defined the sport. You can doubt fedor, but you can’t doubt Tyson or Ali, etc. Don’t see why MMA doesn’t get that yet.