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Ganja ain’t just for Gaijin

Gotta love the perception of weed in today’s society:

Kazuhiro Nakamura tested positive for marijuana in the aftermath of his unanimous decision loss to Ryoto Machida at UFC 76: “Knockout” over the weekend, according to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

Perhaps that explains all the bizarre pre-fight antics.

Yes, because smoking weed really makes you do crazy things. I saw a movie once where one puff of the deadly ‘marihuana cigarette’ caused a teenager to sink into a psychosis from which there was no end! Truth of the matter is pot doesn’t do anything but make you sound like a burnt out moron. Nakamura was bizarre because Nakamura has always been bizarre. Out in Japan-land, that’s why they book you … the whole skill at fighting thing is secondary.

It’s interesting to note that Nakamura was only suspended for three months, which considering the UFC’s scheduling isn’t a suspension at all. Why does it seem like all the fighters we like get the book thrown at them but boring fighters get flimsy slaps on the wrist? I wish things worked like they do in Hollywood – the rich and famous get away with driving high on the wrong side of the freeway while anyone who doesn’t have an profile picture gets thrown in jail to rot.

  • Luke says:

    “Why does it seem like all the fighters we like get the book thrown at them but boring fighters get flimsy slaps on the wrist?”

    CSAC vs. NSAC regulations.

  • steve24 says:

    I guess the moral of the story is if yourgoing to smoke week and fail your drug test, do it in Cali. 3 months suspension huh? Funny how they fight once every three to four months.

    Shit, and if you somebody like Diaz who loves to smoke and makes more than 10k a fight, $500 is worth it considering you won’t have to quit smoking before your fight.

  • garth says:

    i wonder if Diaz could just pre-schedule his suspension and fine, tuck it in with the small print on his contact an whatnot.

  • steve24 says:

    fightlinker: Do you know if there is a bigger fine and longer suspension if you fail a drug test more that once? And were not talking steroids, just marijuana.

  • Tommy says:

    Guess that’s why I sound dumb so much. For a $500 fine and 3 month suspension I would keep right on smoking. Wonder why they gave Diaz 6months though. Nakamura must have been smoking kind bud.

  • kermit_01 says:

    The movie is called Reefer Madness.. Pretty damned funny movie.

    And you are right that one puff won’t make you hopeless insane. However recent stuidies of long term effects conducted on people who smoked a least one joint a week for 10+ years and did not take any other recreational drugs had a higher chance of developing schizophrenia. I can’t remember the exact precentage, but it was enough to prove that as a drug its not has harmless as many think.

  • Nevada nailed Diaz, not Cali. Plus Nevada guys ruled that his THC levels were so high it helped him win ie that he fought the fight stoned

  • Tommy says:

    It helped him win huh. I buy that for a dollar. How in the hell does getting high on weed help a fighter win? And I thought I said dumb shit while high.

  • Well, mentally it could have helped put diaz into a zone where he’s more relaxed, comfortable, and ready to scrap. Just throwing it out there

  • Tommy says:

    Maybe it made him hungry. He figured if he hurried up and beat Gomi he could go get a burger.

  • Yeah when he said ‘Lets go Bitch’, he was actually saying “Lets go bitch to Wendy’s for the double burger combo!”

  • Tommy says:

    Kermit recent studies shows a glass of wine a day is good for women…recent studies shows a glass of wine a day now can give them cancer. I’ve been smoking a joint an hour for 20 years and I’m not a schiz…wait someone is peeking in my window I gotta go

  • nem0 says:

    I can’t remember the exact precentage, but it was enough to prove that as a drug its not has harmless as many think.

    Of course it’s not harmless. Neither is alcohol, or Advil, or anything you put in your body that changes the way you feel.

  • Matto says:

    It could explain the haircut.

  • maafaka says:

    Nakumura going on a Genki Sudo trip was a bit of a shocker to me (him being a student of the noble Yoshida and shit…)
    Now, the use of the evil herbs explain it all !!

  • Thomas says:

    His entrance was more entertaining than his fight. Pride valued that entrtainment aspect while in UFC wins and losses matter. Why is the UFC bringing over C level talent from Japan?

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