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Gains and losses

I’m blown away by how specific ratings are … or at least how specific they claim to be. Dave Meltzer has the fight by fight breakdowns of EliteXC’s Heat show, and Gina Carano hits the ball out of the park for putting butts in front of the idiot box:

Based on the data available, the Carano vs. Kelly Kobold fight was the hit of the night, adding 950,000 viewers from the previous segment. That makes Carano two-for-two as the top ratings mover. Carano’s fight with Kaitlin Young on May 31 added 1,020,000 viewers.

The disappointment of the night was Andrei Arlovski. The former UFC heavyweight champion’s fight with Roy Nelson, the last IFL heavyweight champ, lost 110,000 viewers from the Carano fight.

Do you think that people tuned out of the Arlovski / Nelson fight because they didn’t want to watch the big fat dude fight? Or was it because casual watchers are so ADD-prone that the slow start had them channel surfing away? If you had asked me which fight I was expecting would cause the biggest drop I’d have said Shields / Daley. I can’t imagine what the uneducated masses thought of all that ground stuff. I’m still not too sure what to think of it myself.