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Gabrielle the giant

This weekend is the 2009 Jiu Jitsu Pan-Ams in California and Fightworks podcast listeners are all in agreeance that Alliance Jiu Jitsu has the best chance of coming out on top. One woman in particular caught my attention:

Recently acquired Gabrielle Garcia (shown above on the right side of the image). Formerly under the Macaco Gold flag, Garcia began training this year with Alliance. While this brown belt is physically imposing and often dominating, her technique has not been the sharpest. However after spending significant time with Fabio Gurgel, aka “The General” in Sao Paulo, there’s a very good chance we see a new Garcia this time around. Traditionally Gracie Humaita and Gracie Barra have had deep ranks of female competitors and now Alliance has someone to watch out for.

Gabrielle Garcia is freaking gigantic – check her out ” target=”_blank”>in this video here for a different angle. I have regularly gotten my ass tooled by 120 pound girls in jiu jitsu, so I’d hate to imagine the beating I’d receive at the hands of this woman.