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Gabriel Gonzaga beats a dude who doesn’t belong in the UFC

First off … what the fuck was up with Josh Hendricks’ body? At first I thought the weird bumps all over his ribs were bruises or something from training? But then you see his back and he’s got them all over the place. The dude seriously looks like he’s got about 50 nasty cancers growing out of him.

Now on to the fight … I was expecting Gabriel Gonzaga to take this fight to the ground but he kept it standing and pounded the shit out of Hendricks with knees and a final punch that literally sent a shockwave of flab from the back of Hendricks’ head to the top of his fight shirts. Seriously … someone’s gotta make an animated gif out of that one. It’ll be epic.

And hey, before I return to the chat room … what the fuck is up with Joe Rogan asking about title shots after every fight? Gonzaga has won twice, sure. But it’s been against Justin Mullet McCully and Josh Boils Hendricks. If that’s the state of the UFC heavyweight division, then Dana really did us all a disservice by firing Fabricio Werdum.