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Gabe Ruediger thinks he ‘won’

Sherdog has an interesting article comparing the Ultimate Fighter show to the famous Stanford prison experiments from the 70s. And while that analogy breaks down pretty quickly, it does manage to make it’s point: fighter behavior in the house is completely different from fighter behavior outside the house, and it goes way past just clowning for the camera. The reality show is a special kind of psychological warfare and it tends to bring out the worst in everyone. And that’s before SpikeTV’s editors come in and splice the shit out of all the footage.

Gabe Ruediger makes an appearance with some interesting quotes…

“Everyone that’s been on the show understands that insanity, that craziness, that breaking point, that thing that leads you to break s–t, that thing leads you to drink,” Ruediger said. “It’s because you get bored. There’s nothing to do. You know, I’ve never been in jail, but I was on a season with people who had been in jail, and they said jail was actually a better experience.”

…and some straight up dumb quotes:

“It’s a reality show,” Ruediger said. “I’m the smartest guy to realize that being normal is not the way to get any exposure. You have to go above and beyond. You have to be yourself on level 15 in order to ensure you get camera time. I mean, there are multiple members of each season that are just forgettable. No one knows who they are. Why is that? Because they didn’t provide entertainment.”

Gabe obviously subscribes to the theory that there’s “no such thing as bad publicity.” Me? I knew a guy in highschool who got caught jacking off in a bathroom stall and quickly became the most famous kid in school. I think he would say there’s good publicity, and then there’s bad publicity.

While Gabe Ruediger’s antics might seem pretty tame compared to some of the shit we’ve seen in following seasons, he’s still been unable to shake the image of being an unprofessional joke. That shit is gonna hang around his neck for the rest of his life unless he gives up fighting and becomes a goat herder in the middle east or something. If he wants to delude himself into thinking that’s one for the win column, then he can have fun with that. He’s pretty much the only one who thinks so.