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Gabe Ruediger can’t get a break

I know I don’t talk a lot about The Ultimate Fighter and that makes a lot of people sad. It’s just that I have a Journalistic Integrity to keep up and I don’t want to sully my golden reputation by talking about a stupid reality show. Regardless, as hard as I was laughing about K1’s current paperwork issues, this statement at the bottom of the Fight Network’s report on Dynamite troubles had me laughing even harder:

In addition, lightweight Javier Vasquez will not be competing on June 2’s card against intended opponent Katsuhiko Nagata. In his place, FEG officials submitted a request for none other than Gabe Ruediger, who has been under the microscope for his recent turn on “The Ultimate Fighter 5,” airing Thursdays on Spike TV. While it is probable Ruediger is still under contract with the UFC, the CSAC has already rejected the bout because Ruediger is listed as still under suspension in Nevada.

This just proves that K1’s regent Nobuaki Kakuda left his retarded son Jerry Kakuda in charge of sorting out Dynamite. Paperwork? Who needs to do that? A fighter pulled out? Lets get that guy who was kicked off The Ultimate Fighter. He’s not up to anything at the moment!