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G4 talks MMA blogs

Some show on G4 did a short feature on MMA blogs, and they picked Five Ounces, Cage Today, and some blogspot blog to feature. Five Ounces was a good pick – if you want to send your average TUF fan to one site in order to get educated, I’d say Five Ounces is probably the best option. But Cage Today? Cage Today???

Out of the 75 blogs I have on RSS feed, Cage Today doesn’t even rank in the top 40 list, and barely releases 4 posts a day (most of them links to pirated fights on youtube and dailymotion).

I’m not bitching and whining because we didn’t get picked … our particular brand of racist/sexist/generally offensive commentary is simply too WAWESOME for television. But they could have at least given props to one of the other major quality MMA sites like MMAJunkie or Fightopinion or BloodyElbow. Hell, if they were looking for different kinds of sites, they could have thrown in Payout, which is the best blog on the business side of MMA.

Anyways, I don’t know why I should expect these people to get anything right … one site out of three ain’t too bad for people that called Gina Carano a K1 fighter, Pride “the Pride” and Edwin Dewees “Edwin Dews”.