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Funky stew to blame for crappy Pacquiao fight

Those of you who decided to check out the Pacquiao / Clottey fight this past weekend once again learned why betting on boxing to be exciting is about as reliable as betting on GSP to lose. Sure it happens from time to time, but it’s nothing you wanna gamble any significant money on. Pacman punched up Clottey for pretty much the whole fight and Clottey ‘didn’t do shit’ according to Dana White, which is a pretty accurate one line assessment of the fight. So what was the excuse for this superdome worth of snooze? Clottey had butt issues:

Speaking to Joy News, the 32 year old Ghanaian boxer said he was not in the right frame of mind after suffering multiple stomach upsets and diarrhea prior to the bout.

He suspected an ingredient used in preparing local Ghanaian dish- Banku and Okro stew he ordered to be prepared for him to eat as possible cause for the diarrhea.

“When I ate after the weighing I was ‘running’; the midnight I went to toilet almost like four times; in the morning I went to toilet almost like three times; when we went to the dressing room I went to toilet like three times,” he explained.

He said the heavy dose of diarrhea weakened him ahead of the bout and that partly contributed to his defeat.

That certainly explains why Clottey was so tentative … you would be too if there was a good chance you might shit your pants in front of 50,000 people.

(via WKR)