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Fun with statistics

As if using Tom Atencio as your cover boy for MMA success wasn’t amusing enough, check out what else Entrepreneur magazine got wrong:

The “take for gate receipts at an average MMA fight”: $3.25 million. This is something akin to taking the wealth of street food dealers in the Bakara Market in Mogadishu, adding in Bill Gates’ wealth, then finding the “average”. Really reliable stats work there.

Another stat that was slightly off? The ‘0’ was for “Number of fighters Who have died in a professional match in the US”, which is slightly incorrect.

And while Affliction’s 100 million revenue figure looks pretty good even next to the UFC’s 300 million dollars in revenue, it’s worth noting that the UFC put the majority of that money in their pocket while Affliction’s revenue gets cut into quite heavily by expenses.

Still, 100 million dollars is pretty impressive, be it gross or net. I don’t even think Fightlinker has made 1 million Mexican pesos yet. Should I really be mocking the business acumen of a dude who’s lost more money on wacky side ventures than I’ll manage to make in my entire life? Eh, whatever. Tom Atencio might be a genius in the douchebag clothing scene but it would literally be a challenge for someone else to run Affliction Entertainment worse than it’s been run so far.