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Fun at the UFC 99 weigh-ins

With Setanta staying on air until at least Sunday and everyone making weight, it looks like UFC 99 is all set to go in Cologne, Germany. That’s not to say the weigh-in went completely smooth:

Preliminary-card heavyweight Denis Stojnic started the first melee when he almost instantly shoved opponent Stefan Struve during the customary staredown photo opportunity. On-stage officials immediately intervened and forced the competitors off the stage.

The second brouhaha came seconds later when Paul Kelly hopped off the scale and immediately went chin to chin with opponent Roli Delgado, apparently bumping him in the process. Delgado took offense and gave the fellow lightweight a solid shove before they, too, were ushered backstage.

According to MMA Fanhouse, Dana put his foot down after the second tussle and told the fighters to keep their hands off each other, leading to a tame and civil weigh-in for beefing welterweights Marcus Davis and Dan Hardy. Amongst other headaches, the company has had issues with the German media shitting on the sport (what ever happened to Randy Couture and that German wok racing douchebag paving the way?) and I can’t imagine several ‘fights’ breaking out at the weigh-in will help that situation much.

No pictures of the weigh-in floating around yet, but you can watch a clunky video of the thing here.