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Fuck you, Ken Imai

Ken Imai, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways:

Ken Imai, Mirko Cro Cop’s agent recently admitted that he turned down an offer to fight K-1 Superstar Semmy Schilt under MMA rules at Dream 1.

“In DREAM first fight, I reject some matchmake plan,” Imai told Kamipro Magazine. This is not Mirko’s but my decision. For example, I said no about Mirko vs Semmy Schilt (MMA rules). For Mirko’s “Dream” first match, Semmy is too hard.”

Of course, you know the result: Mirko beat the shit out of some nobody who barely managed to stay up past the first punch to his flabby stomach. DREAM ratings were generally shit, and the whole thing was basically a farce.

Now Mirko still gets to say he didn’t turn down any fights. But when are we going to start holding fighters accountable for the shit their managers are pulling? Does Mirko not know that Imai is turning down fights? Or is it more likely that he turns a blind eye to all that, the same way Fedor does so he can say “I’ll fight anyone” while his managers carefully handpick every single guy he faces.

  • clint notestine says:

    Yeah that would have been a good fight. So would Mark Hunt-Cro Cop II.
    I think some of these fighters don’t care what their managers do because they are making so much money already if they miss a couple competitive fights it wont break the bank.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    “For Mirko’s “Dream” first match, Semmy is too hard.”

    Isn’t the whole point of fighting is to fight a guy who’s going to give you a challenge….fight the best? This makes him look more like a pussy than a fighter.

  • Spork says:

    What a downer, now I have to pretend I didnt read this so I can continue to live in imagination land where CroCop will someday hold a heavyweight title.

  • Foojita says:

    C’mon how do you not turn down that fight.

    I don’t see how it reinvigorates Crocop’s career. He’d probably lose or eek out an ugly decision.

  • Nate says:

    Can’t blame him, if kongo beat him Schilt would ko him for sure.

    And Mirko needed a warm up fight after his disassterous spell in the UFC.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    Zero doubt in my mind that Cro Cop loses that fight if it would have happened.

  • garth says:

    so DREAM, still young, is already as corrupt as so many boxing orgs. precocious!

  • Yeah, it’s like you drop your left hand a little to low, and your career starts down the tubes. To get picked apart by a French Kickboxer who NOBODY saw coming, or training with Rampage…

    I’d wanna be fed a “Can” too. Problem is there aren’t any in the UFC, and he ain’t cutting to 205.

    He needs to step back, and let the Heavyweight Landscape unfold. Big Nog is beatable & Let’s face it, if Frank Mir want’s to stand with Cro Cop, it’s gonna be “lights out” with the quickness. Build up your confidence, grab a GI, and come back with the fire you had in ’05.

  • clint notestine says:

    Hey fightlinker did you catch the interview fightopinion did with Veras former manager? It turns out Vera and the UFC were probably at fault.

  • wrinkleking says:

    His manager did the right thing, I generally agree with fightlinker’s assessments of situations but I think your off on this one. Of course he turned down the fight! It’s hard to make a comeback against a companies strongest competitor.

  • fitch says:

    !#$! You, fightlinker

    Imai is trying to turn CC’s career around. Oh yeah, have his first fight back in Japan against the K-1 champ, who happens to have loads of MMA experience and CC coming off back to back losses, yeah that’s brilliant. CC needed a better test than he got but Schilt? Your a moron.

  • garth says:

    hahaha the guy needs to cover up “FUCK” with symbols? what are you, a fuckin’ priest?

    and hey, it’s totally understandable that CC should get fed lameass sacrificial lambs. it’s not like Cro Cop was touted as a top three HW in the fucking world, you fucking halfwit shithead. So sure, let him fight cans, just like Randy did…oh wait, he didn’t fight cans, did he? You’re a fucking moron, dude.

  • garth says:

    and seriously, your point is WHAT? that CC isn’t good enough to beat fucking Semmy Schilt? HE DOESN’T DESERVE THE MONEY THEN. What is this, fucking boxing? Feed him cans til he can fight Fedor for big dough? Fuck you, in the ear, with a fucking carrot peeler.

  • Atom says:

    Arth Gay-

    Something touch a nerve? I agree that CroCop shouldn’t need tune ups if he is going to be considered in the top ten, but his fans want to see him get back on track, confidence mended. I don’t think Kongo and Schilt present the same problems, but after losing to a 6’4” kickboxer who outweighed him, why put him up against a taller (6’11’) kickboxer (k-1 champ) who outweighs him by even more (he’s 255lbs) AND has more mma experience (40 fights). That seems like a step up in competition to me..

  • airipsus says:

    so what…get back to drawing your little cartoons about know your doing one right now you son of a bitch!

  • andres says:

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    Haha fightlinker is the shit point fuckin blank

  • andres says:

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  • andres says:

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  • andres says:

    My bad ryan for bein a dick on yer webpage but these fuckers are fuckin stupid ass cock suckin horseface luvin retards

  • Chuck says:

    andres… THUG LIFE!!!

  • andres says:

    Not a thug just one hardcore kid walkin the streets dreamin of bein a fighter

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Schilt was a bad style match for Cro Cop then. Cro Cop would have to rely on his ground game in order to win that fight. And honestly, is Cro Cop’s ground game really that good for him to pull it off? Whose going to stand with Schilt? He’s not the most skilled K-1 fighter but his reach, being 6’11”, has been the X Factor for him in beating his opponents. Cro Cop is not a better striker than all those world class K-1 strikers that went up against Schilt.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Don’t let Schilt’s lackluster record in MMA fool you. Whenever Schilt faces a heavyweight who is proficient on the ground, he gets beat. Schilt’s style is made for K-1. Cro Cop is a better striker vs. grapplers and that’s why he’s had more success in MMA than in K-1 even. But in a striker vs striker style MMA match, Schilt would beat Cro Cop.

  • Atom says:

    YO! Andres ‘DIAZ’-

    Take another bong hit and calm down buddy. No one here is out to get you. Your with friends now. *DEEP BREATH*

  • garth says:

    nice thread! haha…anyhow, the whole “handpicked opponent” thing just strikes me the same as shit like mayweather ducking cotto… i can see stylistic/size problems for CC vs Schilt, but that doesn’t change the fact that, in my eyes, he doesn’t deserve the esteem anymore. fedor’s been bashed for fighting chumps, yet he has a big edge on cro cop: he’s beating the chumps. he beat a 7’4″ kickboxer. chuck liddell hasn’t gotten a chump in five years, though he’s made his opponents look like it for the most part (with notable exceptions). Why the exception for CC? unless he’s done and they’re just trying to set up a big shamrock for him, one last huge payday.

  • Cole says:

    The man had been coming off two losses, give him a break. Its not Fedor’s fault that he has been fighting chumps. It’s the UFC’s fault for mmonopolizing mma and alienatng the top two heavyweights in the world in Randy and Fedor. Boy did they play their cards wrong, so much for their beafed up heavyweight division. Now that division is as pathetic as when Tim Silvia sadly ruled over it. i personally would have loved to have seen Randy and Minitouro.

  • andres says:

    Haha fasho

  • Autoguy says:

    andres you have one of the worst cases of little man syndrome I have ever seen.

  • andres says:

    Little man syndrome in not that small haha bout 5’10 ha

  • Atom says:

    When I wrote Andres “DIAZ” above, it was a Diaz brothers reference.

    Then I found out it was actually part of your last name

    But seriously-

    -155 fighter
    -can’t stop talking about weed
    -affinity for “fuck”
    -from California?
    -easily angered
    -last name Diaz

    I see no similarities at all.

  • andres says:

    I got diaz frm my step dad so he might but me no relation im actually preety

  • scorchamatic says:

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  • marshal says:

    Cropcop’s left leg can kick really hard, watch out for it!