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Fuck you, hockey!

Once again, hockey might get in the way of the UFC coming to Montreal in April:

Participants have been told that the event will be held on April 18. However, as of Monday, the Bell Centre — which is the UFC’s venue of choice — told that no date has been officially booked.

The apparent hold-up is the as-yet unknown playoff schedule for the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. Right now the Canadiens are doing well and it’s expected that they’ll make the playoffs, and Saturday nights are often reserved for that storied franchise. However, a Bell Centre public relations rep did say that there are many dates in the Spring, April 18 included, that still might be taken by the UFC.

As a civilized Canadian, it embarrasses me to have to keep bringing up the specter of hockey every time the UFC comes to town. It’s way too fucking stereotypical for my liking … all we need now is for Jonathan Goulet to be eaten by a bear and everyone will think we’re a mirror image of the Canadian pavilion at Disneyworld.

I’m not too sure what Dana and his gang are doing by not locking this shit up … if they’re not careful they’ll end up with a card in Florida full of Canadians. Perhaps there’s an appropriate backup plan in place like Alberta?