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Fuck you, Bob Reilly

The following is an open letter to New York State assemblyman Bob Reilly.

Hey Bob.

I’ve been following your anti-MMA antics for a few months and I have to commend you on what a terrific job you’ve been doing. Politicians who have the best interest of the public in mind and the ability to keep a clear head by understanding their place in the democratic engine often seem to be greatly outnumbered by those with skewed perceptions and alterior motives. We need more men like you who understand what freedom means and who make legislative decisions not with their own personal agendas or opinions but with what makes sense for a changing society in a complex world.

Nah, I’m just kidding. You are literally none of those positive things I just mentioned.

This is bigger than the fight to get mixed martial arts legislated in New York State. This whole situation is merely a microcosm for everything that’s wrong with politics. Hell, it’s a small example of everything that’s wrong with the world. It seems that more often than not the people with the power to make the important decisions that affect the lives and well-being of the rest of us are either ill-informed on the issues, biased because someone paid them off, or too illogical to make a reasonable decision. Congratulations Bob. You fall into all three of those categories. That makes you equal parts lazy, sleezy, and dumb. You’ve got the whole trifecta! Good job!

Anyway, you claim that regulating mixed martial arts would somehow further corrupt society, yet offer no evidence or even a logical hypothesis as to why that might be. You continuously argue that sanctioning MMA in New York — despite the fact that it is sanctioned in the majority of other states — would elevate domestic violence rates, as well as violence in schools.

If stopping domestic abuse and creating a safe educational environment for our children are really actual concerns of yours, maybe you should take a look at the real source of those problems. I can tell you right now, Bob: those problems have nothing to do with MMA or video games or R-rated movies or whatever other scapegoats people like you try to find. In reality, the source of the problem is people like you.

Seriously, Bob. Hear me out. Situations like a husband hitting his wife or two kids getting into a fight on school grounds happen in all socio-economic environments, regardless of race or income. At the same time, instances of extreme spousal violence or serious injury resulting from a fight in school are much more likely to happen in poorer neighborhoods — which isn’t to say these things don’t happen in more well-off areas, just that they are more likely to happen in areas that aren’t as well-off. The husband who is constantly jumping from job to job and unsure of how he’s going to pay his rent or feed his family is more likely to be angry and stressed, and therefore more likely to engage in harmful activities like heavy alcohol or drug consumption, excessive gambling, or — you guessed it — spousal abuse. The teenager whose future isn’t all that bright because he’s grown up poor and unadvantaged is more likely to feel like there’s no place in society for him and therefore more likely to join a gang or otherwise engage in dangerous activities — like beating the shit out of somebody in school.

The reason we have such disadvantaged neighborhoods in what we advertise as the greatest country in the world is because of people like you, Bob; people who have money and power but do little to make the decisions that will help our husband maintain gainful employment or help our teenager stay off the streets. Yeah, there are welfare programs for the husband and after-school programs for the teenager, but those have done little to attack these problems at their core. The real goal should be preventing the husband from ever needing welfare and preventing the teenager from receiving a half-assed education in a dangerous neighborhood in the first place. Simply put, if the lower class starts to diminish in size, so too will the upper class — and that wouldn’t be too good for you, now would it?

So, if you want to diminish instances of violence, cut your likely over-inflated salary down a bit and invest some money into inner city schools. Pass some legislation that will get some money flowing in this economy that will create jobs. I know it’s tough in this recession to find the funds needed to do so, but I think if you think real hard you can think of at least one way to bring more money into the state. Stumped? I’ll help you out: sanction mixed martial arts, dummy. Call up any of your corrupt pals working in any city across the country the UFC has been to. The sport brings money into the areas where shows are held. You don’t even have to call your buddies, Bob. Common sense would tell you that, but then again you don’t have much of that, now do you?

In any case, despite your best efforts, the bill to regulate the sport passed the first round by a rather large margin. If that was any evidence of what’s to come, the bill will eventually pass. I would quit while I was ahead if I was you, Bob.

Oh, and one last thing. Go Fuck Yourself.