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Fuck you, Blue Mountain State

As a fan of the UFC and of MMA in general, I want the sport to grow so I guess that means I want the UFC to make as much money as possible. This is under the assumption that more money being made = more money to go to fighters, growth, expansion. Sure, sometimes it seems like the money ends up going into saber tooth tiger skulls and legal campaigns against UFC fans instead, but I’ll assume that kind of stuff is just peanuts compared to the overall current of their company’s cashflow.

My big issue with the UFC is that so much of it’s money comes directly from the fans in the form of pay per view sales. Their entire business model is built around PPV and while it works quite well for them as a niche sport, if they want to become ‘the biggest sport in the world’ they’ll have to figure out a way to do more free shows while still making lots of money. So here’s hoping that Spike paid the UFC big bucks for the right to rape me nonstop with bullshit for Blue Mountain State throughout the entirety of last night’s UFC event.

I think we’re all used to the standard in-show shilling the UFC employs but last night was a whole new level. While it would be hyperbolic to say that Goldberg spent more time talking about Blue Mountain State than the fights, it certainly felt that way by the end of the night. Tack onto that a painful 5 minute interview with the show’s moron cast, endless reminders, and an extremely unfunny preview clip and there was easily a good 20 minutes worth of hawking that goddamn show.

Again, I get it: the UFC is a business and needs to make money. If this is what we have to suck up and take in order to get free shows, I’ll take it. I just hope the UFC is getting good bank for annoying the fuck out of their viewers.