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Fuck safety, it’s all about RATINGS

After all our speculation on how Junie makes it out of episode three of The Ultimate Fighter without getting kicked off, we now have the very simple answer: Drama = Ratings, so let anarchy reign supreme:

Dana arrives at the house the following morning and calls the fighters together for a meeting, though White says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about Junie and Shane’s actions. After calling both fighters “drunken jackasses” is a variety of ways, White decides to allow Shane to remain in the house, but he’ll be forced to fight in the first lightweight bout. In one of the more bizarre twists we’ve seen over the first eight seasons White opts to keep both Shane and Junie in the house, giving both fighters a second chance.

If you didn’t watch the episode, Junie cuts Kyle Kingsbury by throwing a fucking glass cup at him, drags Ryan Bader into the pool and knocks Tom Lawlor on his ass. Oh, and he throws half the furniture from the house into the pool. Aaaand he threatens everyone with a bottle. Basically he realized early on that he was gonna get tossed out of the house so he decided to go big AND go home.

But regardless of the fact that he physically assaulted several of the other guys and could have seriously injured both Kyle Kingsbury and Ryan Bader, he’s sticking around. And from what I’ve heard and can tell from his blogging presence on, he’ll be sticking around throughout the rest of the season … despite the very obvious promise of continued havok.

There better be some sort of twist coming up soon that explains all this. As a shit-slinging monkey, I’ll enjoy Junie’s retardation from now until the season finale. But the healthy side of my Mini-Wheats is telling me Junie is a ticking time bomb, and it’s only a matter of time before he does something really crazy that we can’t just laugh off.