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Fuck it, let’s wrap this thing

Here’s to you, Rashad haters.

* I was really, really surprised by Cane looking like shit yet again – his win over Soko didn’t even demonstrate a chin, I guess
* Joe Lauzon was right, but Dan was fucked from the start – if his last name was Smith or Jones, he’d be learning the trade on the regional level like he should be (and soon will, I imagine)
* Would anyone care to take a shit on the Brilz-Nogueira replacement match? Thought not. If you haters out there balanced out ripping everything with giving credit where it’s due, you wouldn’t be so laughable – Joe Silva fucking nailed this one
* Hathaway’s a stud, but he could just also be a guy that belongs at 170 (could be both, too). More Stevia for Sanchez
* I think the idea of cutting Dan Miller is insane. He is 3-3 in the UFC, with three straight losses to – no shit – Chael Sonnen, Demian Maia and Michael Bisping. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that he’s not in the top… 7 or so – not that he can’t hack it in the big show. Give the guy a winnable fight. Let him beat up Ed Herman or something.
* Duffee, in my opinion, fell victim to “being too mature” – he probably could have gone apeshit and finished Russow in the first after catching him a few times, but he never went for the kill, and it cost him the fight. Props to Russow (two words: Ab Lounge) and this will, in a few years, be a good thing for Duffee, because he’ll get another appropriate fight or two instead of getting super-accelerated into oblivion.
* It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go out of my way to mock Strikeforce, so here goes: I love Guillard’s new take down defense and his affiliation with Greg Jackson, so combine that with his power and experience and I’d bet him against Gilbert Melendez tomorrow.
* Rashad Evans is one of the top three 205ers on Earth. Fucking haters.