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Fuck Boston, Montreal is where it’s at

This is a nice little morning surprise for me, since I kinda live in Montreal:

The UFC is looking to return to Canada later this year.

“I literally just left a meeting where we were talking about that,” UFC president Dana White told The Canadian Press on Tuesday. “We’re looking to come back to Montreal.”

White said the mixed martial arts organization hopes to return in November or December.

I moved here for the poutine and ‘touche legale’ strip clubs, but frequent UFC shows sure are an added perk. My bet is their original plan to hit up Boston in November fell through so now they’re thinking of Montreal as an easy replacement city. After all, tickets did sell out before they even went on sale (mostly to people from Ontario and cocksucker scalpers from California) so it seems like a pretty easy choice. Oh, and what’s the plan for a headlining bout?

White made no mention of who might highlight the next Canadian card but acknowledged that Penn will be watching Saturday’s title fight in Minneapolis closely.

“Obviously B.J. is pulling for GSP because he wants to fight him,” he said.

The UFC had hoped that Penn would remain at 155 pounds to defend his title against the winner of Saturday’s fight between lightweight contenders Kenny Florian and Roger Huerta. But White said he is unsure of Penn’s plans.

“We know that B.J. wants to fight GSP again, especially if GSP wins. But no, we don’t know.”

Dana White came dangerously close to jinxing Saturday’s match, the same way he used to jinx Wandy vs Chuck back in the day.

There’s been discussion on the net as to the details of this situation: November or December, arena or stadium? Everyone is pretty much agreeing that the UFC isn’t likely to give Montreal their New Years show since they’ve been trying to establish that as a hallowed Vegas tradition.

As for a stadium show, we do have a covered stadium here. But I’m not sure if global warming has worked enough to keep it from being way too cold by November. And you have to wonder if the UFC will have the balls to go so big, or if they have the roster to support it without castrating their year end show. If I was a betting man, I’d put money on them doing another arena event and seeing if tickets are just as hot. Typically there’s a pretty decent drop the second time the UFC comes to a certain region, so it’s important to see if that happens before trying to pull 60,000 people.