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Frustrating New York update

Here’s an update on MMA’s seemingly never ending quest to get legalized in New York. Long story short, it’s still trapped in government legislative hell:

Unfortunately for MMA fans, the sport is still embroiled in the state’s budget wrangling. A provision to legalize MMA is currently in the state senate’s version of the budget bill, but not the state assembly’s, and it remains unclear how the process will unfold.

“There are lots of twists and turns left,” said Jonathan Bing, a state assemblyman from New York’s 73rd district and a strong advocate for legalizing the sport.

One such twist and turn has come via Bob Reilly, an assemblyman from the state’s 109th district, who is MMA’s chief opponent. He’s been trying to separate the MMA provision from the budget process. In February, 48 of his Democratic colleagues joined him and asked for a separate MMA vote in a letter to Sheldon Silver, the speaker of the assembly.

“New Yorkers don’t want it,” he wrote in the letter, referring to legalization. And indeed, a Marist poll, released in January reported that 68% of registered voters oppose lifting the MMA ban.

Yet because of the state’s financial woes, Bing is confident that the sport will be legalized – either in the budget or via another legislative process.

I remember when NY legalization was so close people could taste it. That was TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO. Now it seems like we’re even further back than we were at this time last year. No wonder half of America wants to burn the government to the ground and piss on the ashes.