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From the forums: Leben as a headliner

Thought this post by P W in our ‘UFC89 fallout’ forum was too good to pass up. Actually, there’s tons of really good shit in the forums and I think I’m going to start posting the really unique stuff up here from time to time. Half the shit you’ll find in there is better than a lot of the blogging going on. Anyways, here’s P W’s opinion on Chris Leben as a headliner at UFC 89:

Was I the only one who felt genuinely DIRTY watching a show with Chris Leben in a non-title match as the MAIN EVENT? LEBEN? Even his most hardcore fans will admit that he will NEVER amount to anything except a mediocre punching bag.

Then I hear Goldberg and Rogan raving about how Leben is in shape and sober for once. Come on, we’re talking about a main event fighter in the largest MMA organization in the world and I’m supposed to be impressed by the fact that he’s NOT fat and NOT drunk?