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From 3 rounds to 5

Bryan Levick bangs the drum for 5 round non-title fights:

I believe these fighters work too hard and dedicate too much of their lives to risk being robbed by a judge who is either incompetent or just isn’t all that knowledgeable about the sport. With that being said, I also believe that there is so much riding on some of these fights — whether it be a title shot or a fighter’s actual career — that these guys deserve more time to have a chance to finish the fight.

How many times have you sat there watching a thrilling fight only to be disappointed when it was over and you knew that the fighters involved had much more to give. One fight that comes to mind is the classic Bonnar vs. Griffin bout at the TUF 1 Finale. Now, that fight had serious implications, not only for both fighters but for the UFC as well. Without that fight we may not be discussing this topic right here and now. Although both fighters were spent after 15 minutes they would have moved heaven and earth if they had to in order to finish that fight.

My feelings are that for every fight that deserves to be 5 rounds, there’s 20 that don’t. I wouldn’t mind occasional 5 round fights for UFC fights like Hendo vs Franklin, but it changes the fight way too much and kinda creates a ‘tiered’ system where 3 round fights kinda become welshy and amateur by comparison. As special as an awesome non-title fight is, it’s still not a title fight. 5 rounds should be reserved for the best.

As much as I enjoy seeing fighters ply their craft, I also want to see them work hard and fast … three rounds forces them to get out there and work hard to finish things. I agree that it sucks when close fights go to bullshit decisions, but that’s more an issue with judging than anything else. How about we deal with the root of the problem instead of fucking with something like round numbers.