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Freeman a free man

We originally predicted that British MMA pioneer Ian Freeman was totally going to end up in jail after it came out that he didn’t pay his taxes since 1997. But it looks like we forgot to take into account the fact that Ian Freeman is apparently a really nice guy:

At his sentencing, Freeman’s attorney presented 90 affidavits to the court attesting to the fighter’s numerous charitable efforts in the community. One reference detailed the fighter’s efforts to raise funds for a playground built in memory of a four-year-old girl that had been killed in a traffic accident.

Freeman, who lost his father to brain cancer the night before his July 2002 victory over Frank Mir at UFC 38, was also cited for raising the funds to send a terminally-ill 10-year-old boy to Florida with his family for his final “dream vacation.”

Freeman believes his charity work swayed the court in its leniency.

“I believe in Karma, what goes around, comes around,” Freeman wrote in an email to on Tuesday. “The judge could see how much I have helped those not as fortunate as me. The judge also commended me on my charity work I have done.”

So let me get this straight: if you commit a crime but have a long list of good deeds attached to your name, you’re more liable to get away with the bad stuff? That didn’t get me off the hook for the time I was caught masturbating at the latest Harry Potter premiere. I tried to explain to the judge that my work in children’s gymnastics and the Boy Scouts proves that I’m an awesome dude, but that just seemed to make him angrier.