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Freedom Fight gets stabby

As mentioned earlier on the site, me and Jake spent the weekend covering Freedom Fight, a smaller MMA show in my old stomping grounds of Ottawa. The fights were great, we met Evan Tanner, we shot a shitload of film, and we hiked about 15km (that’s about 10 units of ‘learn the metric system, bitches’ for you guys in the US) around town. All in all, a fun weekend. But it wasn’t all fun for everyone. After the event, two of the fighters and one of the promoters got attacked in their hotel:

Gatineau police Lt. Claude Vaillancourt said three men were confronted in a hotel room by a group of up to 10 men wielding a Taser in an apparent robbery attempt.

Although he would not identify the men by name, Vaillancourt referred to them as two mixed martial arts fighters and a promoter of Saturday’s Freedom Fight mixed martial arts event at the Robert Guertin Arena in Gatineau.

Yesterday, one fighter was in a medically induced coma at hospital while the other was recuperating from serious injuries. The promoter was only slightly injured.

Now I just want you all to know that the Ottawa Sun is a trashy newspaper that’s less accurate than MMAScoops. That explains the kitschy article title about someone nearly dying (that’s our thing, damnit) and why they say these guys were attacked with a taser, but now someone is in a medically induced coma. While we were hanging out in the lobby the next day waiting for fighter/rocker Robin Black to awaken from his own medically induced coma (medically induced by alcohol), we heard that one of the guys was actually stabbed in the chest with a knife. Hardcore.