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Free Mayhem

Following up on yesterday’s post that something fishy was going on, Jason Mayhem Miller is now officially a free agent. I would like to think he’s gonna sign on with ProElite pretty quickly, but considering Team Quest is doing the negotiations, I’d be prepared for a long and painful wait like with Sokoudjou.

Seems to me like the WEC is considered to be Zuffa’s #2 promotion at the moment, and I don’t doubt Mayhem left because he didn’t want to spend his prime years fighting to be the #1 fighter in a #2 league. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can manage to get a straight answer out of him on the issue.

Of course, it blows my mind that the UFC is letting skilled and marketable middleweight fighters walk considering the state of the UFC MW division. But hey, what do I know about anything???