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Fred Ettish wants a comeback

If you’re not a super hardcore oldschool motherfucker (or you aren’t faking it after renting UFC 1 through 10), then you may not remember Fred Ettish. Fred came to symbolize the worst case scenario for what happens when a traditional stand-up martial artist gets into the cage for some good ol’ fashioned mixed martial arts. The dude fought at UFC 2 and took such a brutal beating that his ‘Fetal Fighting Technique’ went up there in early MMA lore alongside Keith Hackney’s ‘Nut Blaster’ and Art Jimmerson’s ‘One Glove’ idea.

It now seems like Ettish is looking to make a comeback at the spry age of 52. The promotion he wants to fight for? Who else???

Ettish has already made Meyrowitz aware that, if YAMMA Pit Fighting will have him, he’s down for a fight. But he’s not sure if Meyrowitz understood just how much a fight would mean to him. “Give me a chance,” says Ettish. “I know I’m old. [Meyrowitz] asked me how old I was when I called him. But I will surprise him and everybody who doesn’t know me already. My conditioning is – it’s hard for me to talk about myself, but I’m in the gym every day working out with kids in their teens and twenties. My cardio, my conditioning overall is excellent.”

“I will go out there and fight with every ounce of heart and soul I can muster, and I guarantee that whatever happens, I’m giving you one hundred percent of what I got. I admire the fact that [Meyrowitz] was there in the beginning, he helped create this sport that has grown and evolved into what it is today. I was there from almost the beginning, and what better way to reunite than to bring me back to the old show – and this time I’ll do it in a different way.”

When I first heard about all this I was pretty much ready to mock Fred mercilessly, but in the process of lining up my barbs I did some research (yes, I do that sometimes!) and the more I found out about Fred the more I felt for him. This isn’t some fucking moron who hasn’t learned from his mistakes or still thinks his Kempo makes him invincible. This is a guy who knows he got his ass kicked and just wants another chance to show people what he can do.

  • Lets see him fight Ken Shamrock or Dan Severn for the Old Man Fighting Championship.

  • pauli says:

    fred ettish is fully qualified for fightlinker mascothood. he’s like the jamaican bobsled team of mma.

    i hope he never, ever fights evan tanner.

  • The jamaican bobsled team of MMA is about the greatest thing i’ve heard in weeks. i totally LOL’ed

  • Gaston says:

    Hey I remember Art jimmerson and his failure. What I don´t remember is how he motivated having one glove even in theory. What was he thinking. Remember he said something about it, but not what

  • i think he deserves another chance, but he’s too old now

    must still look up those other dudes, a one glove fighter!? 😀

  • Boog says:

    “must still look up those other dudes, a one glove fighter!? ”

    You haven’t heard of Art Jimmerson?

  • operator says:

    Keeping up with teenagers and twenty year olds doesn’t say much these days unless you’re working out at Xtreme Coutore or something like that. Then again it is YAMMA we’re talking about.

  • hahah just seen it, the poor bastard tapped out before even being submitted! 😀