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Franklin vs Hendo to ‘win’ TUF coaching job

Things have been pretty quiet around here, and I suspect it has to do with Dana White being on vacation for the past few weeks. Fortunately for my sanity (slow news days make me go crazy), he’s back and already laying down a bunch of news via the UFC Fight Club Q&A sessions. Such as who’s going to coach TUF 9:

White stated that the winner of the Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin fight at UFC 93 next month will be the second coach for TUF 9. UFC 93 is currently scheduled for January 17 and will take place in Dublin, Ireland.

The announcement came as somewhat of a surprise as neither Franklin or Henderson has seemed too enthusiastic about the coaching possibility when questioned in the past. Franklin already served as a coach on the TUF series when he appeared on the second season coaching against Matt Hughes.

I dunno what all the surprise is about. When your runner up choices are Nate Marquardt, Thales Leites and Demian Maia, you go back to your first choices and twist the screws to make those happen. I mean come on … Leites and Maia are from Spain or some shit and Nate Marquardt … well, he’s Nate Marquardt.

No matter how dumb Dana White thinks the US vs UK premise of TUF9 is, do you think he’d stick any of those guys in there to represent AMERICA??? We need a coach that lives up to our expectations of what America is all about. He should ride horses and chew tobacco and kill terrorists. If I was in charge, I’d pick Brian Stann, Matt Hughes, and Chuck Liddell as the coaches of Team USA. And then in the finals they would morph together to form a 50 foot tall mech called AMERIZORD aka AMERISAURUS REX.

Let’s see Michael Bisping and his gang of UK tossers beat that!