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Frankie gets the next shot against Penn

Here I was feeling so sure that Gray Maynard would get the next shot at BJ Penn … you had Michael Goldberg (aka the company mouthpiece) talking up a fight with BJ Penn. There was the real Gerbilski on doing the same. And while Frankie Edgar seemed to have a tiny edge on opponent difficulty, Maynard more importantly had a win over Edgar. But Gray’s fight last night was pretty terrible: sloppy, snoozy, and a split decision (over a guy who hasn’t looked very competitive lately to boot). So it looks like Edgar is getting the call:

Dana White confirmed with MMA Fighting Tuesday that Edgar will receive the next 155-pound title shot against champion BJ Penn. There had been talk of Gray Maynard facing Penn next, but in a video interview shot Tuesday in New York City, White said he didn’t think Maynard was 100% ready to fight for the title just yet.

The UFC president added that the tentative plan was for the title fight to happen in Abu Dhabi in April, but that the UFC 112 event in the Middle East is still not officially confirmed.

That’s not to say there’s any question the Abu Dhabi event is going to happen … the UFC probably just wants to space out their “We’ve been bought by Abu Dhabi” and “We’re going to Abu Dhabi” announcements by a day or two.

As for Frankie getting the nod, this should delight everyone who thinks Gray Maynard is a bore while simultaneously pissing off the kind of people who regularly shed tears for the Fitches and Okamis of the world. Sure, Maynard might technically deserve the Penn fight more than Edgar, but Edgar didn’t lay an egg in the octagon last night. Sometimes that’s all it takes.