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Frankie Edgar’s first fight

Gaspari Nutrition has a cool video series starring Frankie Edgar called 155 reasons, and it goes behind the scenes on his preparation for Benson Henderson at UFC 150 as well as into Frankie’s past and life philosophies. There’s a whole series you can check out here, but this one above covers Frankie’s wrestling background and his first fights. His coach and his wife set the scene:

“In the first fight we went to, we went into Brooklyn into the Bronx and people are walking in with 12 packs and there’s this blood stained floor.”

“There’s barbed wire around this building, no air conditioning, no doors, literally one of those cages with just the ropes on it [I think she means ‘a ring’ – FL], like no actual octagon cage or anything. No ambulance. No medical. No nothing. People were fighting in jeans.”

“It was like a Rocky movie, the gym. Like old. The people were wild. The kid that he was going in to fight was supposed to be drafted into the UFC. Frankie just tore him apart.”

That’s almost as good as Miguel Torres’ first fight story. From my experience, nothing good ever comes of an MMA fight where the competitors wear t-shirts (women excepted, I guess), but blue jeans are just a whole ‘nother level of ghetto. Unless they’re Chuck Norris action jeans, in which case fight on, brother. Fight on.

  • frickshun says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Action jeans made me spit tortellini all over my monitor……

    Also, that is the kewlest story of a 1st fight ever. I fucking love Frankie. FIST PUMP ACTION!!

  • ButtsexSocialism says:

    Chuck Norris Action Butt grabs you.