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Frankie Edgar just wants the same chance he gave all his challengers

Following a close decision that has people split pretty evenly on who actually won, Frankie Edgar sounds like he wants an immediate rematch with Benson Henderson.

“I’m not trying to shoot anybody out of anything they deserve, but I had to do two rematches, so what’s right?” he asked rhetorically.

Ironically enough, it’s probably the last two years he’s spent giving challengers immediate rematches that are now going to cost him his own chance to get another crack at the belt. People are now suffering from immediate rematch fatigue, so even though it’s a total raw deal, it doesn’t sound like the UFC will be serving up Edgar v Henderson 2 any time in the near future.

Adding insult to injury, it doesn’t sound like the UFC even has anything too exciting ready to go for the lightweight strap:

“How would Pettis not be ready for a title shot? He’s absolutely ready,” said White. “But, there’s a few guys in that division (who are ready). The problem is that division is so stacked it’s tough to make a decision and that’s a good problem to have.”

Aka they need to figure out what fight will make them the most money and go from there. While you’d think Frankie would fit that bill, Dana sounds like he has other ideas for the undersized 155er:

“If you look at what he’s accomplished, for me to come in and… the kid’s a world champion,” he said. “He beat BJ Penn two times and everybody else in that division. His only loss is to Gray Maynard, which he avenged big time. It’s going to be up to him, but I’d love to see him do it. I think a fight between him and Jose Aldo would be fun.”

As fun as it would be, it just seems wrong to bounce Frankie out of the division he’s basically owned for the past few years. Sure, he could go down to 145. He probably will sooner or later. But coming off a controversial loss that took the belt off him? Too much unfinished business at lightweight. If the UFC isn’t going to give him another shot at the belt immediately, the least they can do is set him up for a #1 contender’s match. There’s not a lot of situations where a featherweight title shot seems like a bit of a screw, but this is one of them.

(pic via Heavy’s excellent UFC 144 gallery)

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Good point.  Frankie definitely deserves a rematch.  I think Bendo won, but I also think Frankie won the first BJ and Maynard fights.  Fair is fair.

  • frickshun says:

    THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!! Give the man his rematch. If he loses again, let him pull a Kenny Florini.

  • CAP says:

    The precedence has been set unfortunately. Although I didn’t see it as closely as others. I thought Benson won convincingly.

    Frankie “2 out of 3” Edgar.

  • noiseless says:

    i’m not gonna…

  • drunkenjunk says:

    gotta feel for frankie. I felt like he won 48-47 but i understand it going either way. I don’t even really want to see an immediate rematch but like cap said the precedence has been set.

  • dignan says:

    Frankie absolutely lost that match, and anyone who thinks differently has their head up their ass.

    He does deserve a rematch after the fellas he had to fight twice. Normally I would say hell no, but the dude is tough as nails and if he wants a second beatdown give it to him.

    He delivered ZERO damage to Hendo, and the fellow was outsized by at least 20lbs.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    This fight was just as close at the first BJ fight, a rematch would be nice but you can’t give the defending champ 2 tries to win.

    Frankie has used up his good will plain and simple, it has been joy to watch him win despite being the smaller guy but people can only watch you kinda sorta edge your opponent out so many times.

  • kvelertak says:

    They tried to push Frankie, but he just doesn’t sell. Dana has to move on and try for something better.

    I think if Edgar was in another goddamn rematch it would kill all interest in one of the best divisions in the sport. That’s like almost 2 years of him fighting in rematchs or close decisions.

  • Redping says:

    I’d really hate to watch that fight AGAIN, when Frankie showed he will never, ever have any tools to KO or Submit ben, and got his ass handed to him the whole fight apart from some completely useless takedowns and a slip by ben in the last round.

    next contender, move up. If people love Frankie that much it won’t be that long of a wait for him to be back at #1 status. This whole ‘if you don’t KO them, you have ot fight them again’ logic makes no sense to me. Just because people doubted Frankie originally, we now have to doubt any subsequent champ, even if they kick frankies ass, just because they didn’t get the finish?

    Frankie should get in line, beating him is nowhere near as mindblowing as a razor-thin decision over BJ Penn, one of the best ever that everybody thought would destroy the division forever. Everyone knew Ben would win this fight and he did, so wheres the controversy?

  • drunkenjunk says:


    saying everyone knew that bendo was gonna win is load of shit, its mma dude and Edgar had beaten Penn twice and Maynard once. You can’t count someone like that out ever. After watching the fight again Bendo/Pettis and Edgar/Guida sounds better. Hopefully B.J will come back and create some new matchups.

  • frickshun says:

    Dignan–>FLIM me when you get a chance, I need your HALP. I have my head stuck up my ass & it makes posting comments a fucking nightmare!!