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Frank Trigg won’t fight Jake Shields

Jake Shields is in a pretty poopy situation. He’s a great welterweight in an organization that doesn’t really have any top tier opponents to challenge him. So now he’s stuck having to consider moving up to middleweight to get some challenges, which I think is probably a bad idea for him. If he thought taking Paul Daley down was tricky, I can’t imagine what would happen against Robbie Lawler. Well, I probably can. It would probably involve Jake’s gayface getting smushfaced.

One good opponent for Shields would be Frank Trigg, who used to say Jake wasn’t famous enough to be worth fighting. Now that Jake has been featured a few times on CBS, I think he’s probably a bit more popular than Frank Trigg, who’s been relegated to stinky decision fights in Japan and in Strikeforce. Oh, and let’s not forget his pro wrestling.

Unfortunately, Shields doesn’t think the fight is gonna happen: What about a fight with Frank Trigg, you guys have some history.

Jake Shields: Yeah, I’ve been wanting to fight Trigg for a while but he has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to fight me. That won’t happen unless Frank changes his mind. What exactly went down between you two?

Jake Shields: He was just really disrespectful towards so I wanted to fight him and he would just come up with all these excuses as to why he wouldn’t fight me. Every time I’d see him he would deny talking crap but he would be on the radio running his mouth so he would blatantly lie to me. At this point it is just wasting my time trying to fight Frank Trigg.

I’d agree that Frank is probably too smart to actually fight Jake Shields. The dude has the world’s most chokable neck, and I hear Jake ain’t too shabby at those submission thingies. Still, it’d be pretty sweet if the fight did happen. Perhaps we can goad Trigg into taking it by calling him a chickenshit?