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Frank Trigg was a girl drink drunk

It seeems like Kevin Iole uses the start of his mailbag column to write about crap Yahoo refuses to pay him for in any other format. A few weeks ago he wrote a banal POS on how athletes like Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter would do in MMA. This week he profiles Frank Trigg, who hasn’t been relevant since Georges St Pierre retired him from the UFC back in 2005. Here’s what happened to Trigg afterwards:

Trigg began to live the life of most middle-aged American men. That is, he ate a woeful diet, filled with junk food, and became far more sedentary than he’d ever been in his life.

“I got so heavy from sitting on the couch and eating literally anything I could get in my hands and drinking as much alcohol as I could without becoming an idiot,” he said. “I like the girl drinks. I drink mixed drinks, so instead of a 100-calorie shot, I’m getting 500 to 600 calories a drink. Have five or six of those every night and you’ll get huge real fast.”

He’s been working at Randy Couture’s gym in Las Vegas and has shed many of the excess pounds. Making 170 is no longer a pipe dream.

Now, all he has to do is get a fight. He said his manager has reached out to get him one but isn’t getting much of a response.

It doesn’t make sense that an organization like Strikeforce wouldn’t have interest in him. It is in dire need of depth and Trigg would give it not only a recognizable name but a quality fighter.

Well, it sort of does since Strikeforce already had interest in Frank Trigg and he rewarded that interest with a Worstie-nominated performance against Falaniko Vitale. So that probably has something to do with Scott Coker not whipping out his checkbook and snapping Trigg up. That’s not to say there’s no place in MMA for Twinkle Toes any more … he’s just gotta prove that he can be the exciting finisher he used to be back in the day and not the boring decision guy we’ve seen in his past several fights.