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Frank Trigg is shopping a reality show around

When CagePotato posted up an interview with Frank Trigg, we dutifully linked to it in our links section, but didn’t bother to read what Dewey had to say. Fortunately, jackal Swedish Guy did and passed along this interesting and terrifying excerpt:

Besides commentating for TNA wrestling, do have any other TV projects in the works?
I actually cut a reality show. I had cameras follow me around for three days, we edited a sizzle reel, and it’s out there right now. We’re pitching it, but nobody’s really grabbing onto it yet.

What’s the premise?
Being a professional fighter is not all it’s cracked up to be. People think it’s nothing but great cars and nice houses and the whole bit. I’ve been a pro for 11 years and it’s how I make my living, yet I still have to do other jobs to create an income in order to survive — to pay for my kids’ college fund, and my mortgage, and all that other stuff. And the show would follow me around as I’m trying to build a name brand by doing different things, whether it’s broadcasting or my clothing line or what have you. We almost had a deal worked out with BET, but they decided to pass on me and do a reality show with Rampage instead. I thought I had something worked out with HDNet, but Mark Cuban just doesn’t like reality shows, and they passed on mine.

No shit! You’d think networks would be all over a boring ass show about Frank Trigg. Especially judging from what his day looks like:

I’m up at 4:30 in the morning, my first workout is at 5:30 until about 8 o’clock, then I come home, take a shower, and go do the radio show. I’m on the show from 9 until 10:30, then I usually have a meeting with [TAGG Radio’s] George Garcia until about 11 o’clock. I go back to the house, do some design work for Triggonomics, work on some e-mails or article-writing, eat a little lunch around 2 o’clock or so, take a nap, and get up for another workout at 4 o’clock. I come home around 6:30, the wife and I sit down to have dinner, then I do a little more e-mailing, some prep-work for the radio show the next day, and then I’ll be in bed between 9 and 10.

CBS? NBC? Anybody? I want to see this being broadcast YESTERDAY.

(Thanks again to Swedish Guy for FLIMing me about this!)

  • Asa says:

    People think it’s nothing but great cars and nice houses and the whole bit.

    I thought that was for people who are good at MMA.

  • Khris Killer says:



  • kentyman says:

    I still don’t see why BET passed on Frankie “Twinkle Toes” Trigg and went with someone like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson…

  • Yeah, yeah, somebody said BET, Frankie thought they said… um… shit, no, I’ve got nothing.
    He’s white.

  • bruceleesreincarnation says:

    Asa who said “i thought that was for people who were good at mma.” —- i guess a rank of 7th in the world at middleweight doesn’t make you very good in your book huh Asa? maybe you should get in there and show em how it’s done.

    I for one think it would be pretty cool for any pro mma fighter to get a reality show. more exposure for mma the better. And Frank living in Vegas and training at Couture’s I’m sure lives a pretty damn interesting life. He’s always traveling and has the top mma radio show.

  • Frank Trigg is a great terrible fighter

  • kentyman says:

    Arguably one of the best terrible fighters, right after Tim Sylvia.