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Frank Trigg is back with the UFC

Good for him. The UFC has been pretty decent lately about booking up some of the guys who bled for them back before the money really started to flow in the sport. Guys like Jeremy Horn, David L’Oiseau, Mark Coleman and yep even Evan Tanner fit into this category.

Now you can add Frank Trigg to the list, and why not? Dana has often said his favorite fight in UFC history was Hughes / Trigg 2. So why wouldn’t he give Frank a chance for one more go at things? I doubt he’ll get too far (especially if he ends up fighting Josh Koscheck as rumored), but at least he has the opportunity make enough coin off his stay that he won’t have to fight on Native reservations until he’s 50 (like some other guys I can think of).

So for all the Trigg haters, think of it like this: in the long run, this could actually mean LESS Frank Trigg.