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Frank Trigg is also on the chopping block

Straka: “This is the second stoppage for Frank Trigg in his return to the UFC. Is he in any danger?”

Dana: “Probably. Yeah, I would say so.”

Frank kinda reiterated in an interview with Ariel Helwani that “when he’s done fighting for the UFC” he’d move on to commentating. So I guess now we have to wait and see if the UFC officially cuts him (he’s been pronounced dead before), and if he sticks to that plan. Honestly I hope he doesn’t. If it’s a choice between Trigg talking and Trigg fighting, I’ll choose Trigg fighting. If there’s a viable third option like a punch in the junk or a root canal, I’d go for that. But between those first two, yeah: Trigg fighting.

After the jump: a Diego-level drunk Phil Baroni gives his thoughts on the fight.