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Frank Shamrock still wants Ken

Frank Shamrock barely took 5 minutes after the doctors cleared his arm before starting to hype up potential match-ups between everyone from Scott Smith to Kimbo Slice. But the one guy he really seems to want before anyone else is his brother Ken:

“I think the Ken (Shamrock) fight is very important to get done as soon as possible. I’d like to get that fight in first, and I’d like to get a fight in by the end of the year.”

This could be on account of rumors that Ken Shamrock is preparing to torpedo his legacy yet again by stepping into the kickboxing ring, of all places. Frank’s dream of a brother vs brother feud were already hit hard when Ken got smushed by Buzz Berry, who proved himself to be nothing special in a loss last weekend at Cage Rage. I’d say 50% of people in the know want Ken to retire before he seriously injures himself and the other 50% are just sadists who want to see it happen.

I haven’t decided which side I’m on. Personally, I kinda like my MMA like I likes my frosted mini-wheats … wholesome matches between skilled competitors on one side, and the delicious frosting of retarded freakshow matches on the other. It all combines to make a sport that is both respectable but at the same time wildly entertaining in that ‘end of civilization’ kinda way that’s so popular nowadays.