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Frank Shamrock: Renzo and Cung in 2008, Ken in 2009

ProElite had Frank Shamrock in their forums or something yesterday answering the same questions over and over. The big one obviously was “Who are you gonna fight next?” and the big obvious answer was what he’s been saying the past few months: Renzo Gracie, Cung Le, and now his brother Ken in 2009.

Rematch- I want to fight Renzo but he’s still recovering and in acting classes. I’m seeing if Cung Le will step up and be a real man. Ken fight is almost true, been working on it for 2 yrs and I’m trying to make it happen-Brother vs. Brother.

Frank goes on to espouse the values of the BJ Penn Fighting Schedule: 10 years of fighting with two fights a year. This is of course conditional on Sokoudjou not ripping Frank’s leg out of it’s joint again.