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Frank Shamrock not marketable enough for the IFL

Fuck I’m sick of writing about the IFL. There’s three kinds of stories I can write about them:

  • The IFL is doing something stupid to try and make money
  • The IFL is fucking up a good idea that could actually make them money
  • The IFL is cutting costs in all the wrong ways to try and save money

This one here is a cutting cost story, and the person on the chopping block is Frank Shamrock and his lame ass Razorclaws. The official reason is that his team hasn’t been performing up to par. My bet is that the IFL is sick of paying Frank a retarded amount of money to be a coach when they can’t seem to convert his popularity into any money or attention for the league. Fuck, I’d practically forgotten that Frank even had an IFL team. Doesn’t his brother also have one of those things or something?

This just goes to show you that the IFL sucks at marketing. There’s no one in the universe that’s better at stirring shit and causing drama than the Shamrock brothers. The fact that the IFL hasn’t been able to do anything with these two (while Frank has been in the middle of a comeback no less) boggles my mind. Either the people running the IFL are incompetent or there’s something rotten with the structure of their system where they can’t get their coaches to lift a finger to help out.

Either way it doesn’t bode well that they’ve had to fire Frank Shamrock because they can’t seem to make him profitable for their company. I don’t buy the whole team record shit … Don Frye and Igor Zinioviev’s teams are doing about as well as a bunch of 9 year old Taekwondo blackbelts would in the IFL.