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Frank Shamrock misses the smell of men


Aaaaand a swing and a miss! This here is Paul Heyman’s second EA MMA promo (here’s the first) and while it happily moves away from the ‘faux reality show’ style that dragged pro wrestling into mouth-breather territory, it’s still … just really bad. I’m starting to get slightly nervous about Heyman and Strikeforce getting into bed together. If you were worried the result would be some kind of horrific MMA / wrasslin’ flipper baby with a giant cleft palate, these videos probably don’t make you feel much better.


  • The Grappling Dummy says:

    “horrific MMA / wrasslin’ flipper baby with a giant cleft palate”


    This is why Fightlinker is amazing.

    (Formerly Mr Unbelievable Pants)

    As for the video… meh. Happy to see them trying something different. Even if they are failing. Frank is too enthusiastic.

  • Royal says:

    Meh. I caulk this up with Heyman trying to get a grasp of the product. I think the next ad will tell us if he sinks or swims.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    It’s telling that two out of two comments have a ‘meh’ in them. And it’s well deserved. Turns out Frank Shamrock is even worse at acting than at commentating. I don’t get the Heyman hate, though. I thought the Nick Diaz one was pretty entertaining and am looking forward to more hilariously retarded shit like it.

  • Márcio says:

    I liked the Nick Diaz one as well but this is stupid.

  • UberShmact says:

    Dude! Take out your fucking braces when you’re cutting a promo!

  • Royal says:

    It’s because Heyman is a “wrasslin promoter” that shuts down all further research.

    If they did further research, they found out that Heyman is one of the more progressive promoters whose head isn’t up a decrepit roidhead’s ass and actually tried to change the biz for the better, but because of the nature of the beast is actually trying to move on by working in Video game promotion.

  • fightlinker says:

    Nah, I dig Heyman in general and was really interested in seeing what he was gonna bring to the table. I was hoping his company was gonna take over some of the production stuff for Strikeforce or something. But these videos … they’re really bad. I haven’t seen anything from him thus far that hasn’t looked exactly like the kind of failed garbage that they did on pro wrestling shows.

    That is troubling.

  • CAP says:

    ECW used to be the shit! The only pro wrestling you were almost proud to watch. Of course that was back before they merged with WWF. Their shows were half riots, half wrestling. For that I view Heyman slightly above the other wrasslin promoters. But this was pretty poor imo. Combination of bad idea and bad execution (Frank).

  • glassjawsh says:

    who the fuck is paul heyman and why is he allowed on my computer?

    edit: pro wrestling is ridiculous and anyone who watches it regularly should slap themselves and be forcibly sterilized