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Frank Shamrock: “I would have smashed Cung in 45 seconds.”

In Frank Shamrock’s mind, he’s the greatest fighter that ever lived. There’s a certain amount of illogical confidence that goes with being an athlete in any sport, but Frank “>turns it up to 11. Talking about his loss to Cung Le last March, Frank had this to say to SAN radio via Bloody Elbow:

Truth is, I would have smashed Cung in 45 seconds, CBS would have said that wasn’t too exciting, I know my job, I’m an entertainer.

So Frank would have won decisively, except he allowed Cung Le to keep kicking him for three rounds just to keep it exciting. You can say a lot about Frank Shamrock but you can’t say the guy is not selfless. The History Channel tells me that Jesus Christ sacrificed his own life so that the rest of us could go to a place called heaven (which I imagine has a top shelf open bar, neverending hot wings, and new episodes of Arrested Development). Similarly, Frank sacrificed his own body — specifically his arm — so that we could all have fun on a Saturday night by getting drunk and watching him get kicked repeatedly. If you ask me, there’s no difference between the two.

If Frank is Jesus, then Dana White is most definitely Satan. Here’s what Frank had to say concerning the UFC president:

Those fighters shouldn’t have signed over their rights and perpetuity to that idiot.

Yeah, Frank. Totally. Along with his whorish mouth, shiny bald head, and hilarious shock pen joke, White is largely responsible for the growth of this sport — which has allowed Frank to make $300k+ a fight. What an idiot.

If Frank can keep comments like these up over the next few weeks, the build-up to his fight with Nick Diaz is going to be nothing short of completely awesome. As entirely nonsensical as Frank can be, I guess he’s right in at least one respect: he is entertaining.