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Frank Mir was on deck

By now we’re all familiar with the terms set down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission so Alistair Overeem could fight in tomorrow’s main event: every 10 seconds, he’s gotta whip it out for a commission member and pee in a little cup to prove he’s not all juiced up. But before that was all decided, there was the distinct possibility that Overeem’s license would be denied. And if that had happened…

“Yeah we started talking to Mir, told Mir to get in shape and get ready. And he was. There was never been a situation in almost 10 years of being in business with Frank Mir where we called Frank Mir and Frank Mir was like “Yeah you know what, I’m really not interested in taking this fight. Yeah you know what, I don’t think I’m gonna be ready. Yeah, I got Christmas coming. There’s never been a case where Frank Mir has turned down a fight in 10 years.”

Considering how crap he looked after coming back from that motorcycle accident, maybe he should have said he wasn’t ready a few times. While losing Overeem / Lesnar would have been the cherry on top of the shit sundae of 2011, at least the UFC had a decent backup plan. Maybe it would have been Frank Mir’s chance to pull a horseshoe out of Lesnar’s ass. I hear there’s a lot more room up in that thing now that they removed a foot of his colon.