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Frank Mir vs Mullet Man

Killing the rumors of a Mir vs Nog fight any time soon, it looks like Frank Mir will be facing Justin ‘Mullet’ McCully at UFC86. Everyone is still high on Mir after he kneebarred Cock Chestnar, but how many people remember that he was basically saved by the ref at the start of that fight over those questionable shots to the back of the head?

I’m not about to say that Mir’s going to lose this fight … McCully up there with Eddie Sanchez on the ‘least threatening heavyweight in the UFC’ list. You might be reading some sites that claim McCully owned Antoni Hardonk in his last fight, which isn’t true. That fight was a total abortion from start to end on both fighter’s parts.It will be interesting to see if Mir manages to stay motivated against his latest opponent or if he shows up all fat and bloated like he did in his two fights before the Lesnar match.

My bet is the UFC is hoping for fireworks in the upcoming Brandon Vera vs Fabricio Werdum fight, because it would be pretty pathetic for Mir to earn a title shot with a win over someone as trashy as McCully.

  • twankydawg says:

    LMFAO @ Cock Chestnar, that’s fucking great dude.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    I will wax my nutts if Mir & Griffin win their fights.

  • Hardonk even caught McCully in an armbar on a few occasions in their fight. McCully is a solid wrestler but he’s way too aggressive and leaves himself open for submissions constantly. Mir is going to rip his arm off.

  • garth says:

    the fact that Hardonk, a guy with exactly zero ground game at that point, was able to remember an armbar he saw on TV and almost lock it in says something about McCully’s game…I’m not sure what.

    Dude, Cock Chestnar, with enzymes. funny shit dude.

  • As another stop on the “Mir’s Back!” tour, not a bad choice. Unless of course “Fat Mir” is the one that comes back 😉